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Udreamido is a collection of thoughts, stories, photos and videos by The Burchett family as we travel through Latin America in 2015, 2016 and hopefully beyond.

We are a family of 4 from Sydney, Australia:  mum, Rach; dad, Gary; kids, Amalia (currently 12) and Ruby (currently 9). Gary and Rach have both travelled extensively throughout Australia, South East Asia, China & Europe, and we have done a bit of travel in the South Pacific, North America and Africa.  We’ve backpacked, flash packed, mid ranged and five starred.  We’re fairly intrepid, and love it all 🙂

In June 2015 we sold our house in Little Bay in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and on the spur of the moment, rather than buy a smaller house for a bigger mortgage, we decided to pack up our lives and buy a one way ticket to Mexico.  Gary and Rachel both left great jobs working in television, choosing life and experiences over work (for a while).


The Maroubra girls bid farewell to Cove Circuit

 We have no set itinerary.  Instead, we have started our travels on the Central Pacific Coast of Mexico, with the loose plan to meander through Mexico, head to Cuba and then travel down through Central and South America.  We have budgeted for about a year or maybe a bit more, backpacking on a low – mid range budget.  This is our first extended back packing trip as a family, although we have travelled with the kids to China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali, USA & Europe (with Amalia as a baby).

This adventure is about a number of things.  Most importantly we want to reconnect as a family and spend quality time with our kids.  We also want to re-open our eyes up to the possibilities of the world and maybe explore different paths after nearly 20 years of working in the media.  For the kids, we hope to give them an education that reaches far beyond the classroom, and open their eyes to the wonder of the world, along with giving them an appreciation for what they have and what they can offer.

As a family we don’t have many expectation, however we do have 2 distinct goals:  first is to learn Spanish and be able to hold conversations with locals, and second is to learn how to surf.  Above all, we want to have fun, and live our lives now!

Udreamido is a collection of thoughts, experiences, photos and videos created by all of us.


The first morning of the rest of our lives….

We really hope you enjoy our stories!

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  1. Dear Gary –
    This is Terri soller – I did some leadership work with you when you were with News (a Melbourne business school program). It is a wonder that I decided to read your blog because I don’t usually spend too much time on LinkedIn.
    I love what you are doing – not in the way that many others might – who clap and watch with envy as you leap into the unknown – (and of course I hold that too) – rather the way you articulated the choices and the struggles and the excitement and possibility. For me that feels like a wonderful analogy for practicing leadership.
    I wish you and your family many happy hours together and of course some interesting challenges – because that’s where the real learning happens.
    I hold some ideas of what is possible should you choose or the path chooses for you to come home.
    All the best


  2. Good on you for taking that step into the unknown with your family 😎 It was or is a brave step but I will be following closely your exploits from now on.


    • Thanks for making contact Gareth. I’ve never really seen the move as ‘brave’ as I’m travelling with my three most favorite people in the world, although I can see why many would view it that way. The timing was right, we sensed an opportunity and grabbed it. G


  3. Great reading. I love travelling to new places, meeting every day people, experiencing different cultures and eating amazing food.

    I was very envious reading of your meal of lobster in Belize.

    Wonderful experience for your girls and of course yourselves. No matter how much travelling you do there is always a new experience just around the corner.

    My hubby and I are retired and not as fit as we used to be and as Sth America was on our bucket list we have decided to travel around by cruise ship. A bit easier for us! We head off in Jan 17 for 90 days.

    Good luck to you all and enjoy!


    • Thanks for taking the time to write Jan and for your lovely sentiments. So much lobster to be found in these parts at ludicrously cheap prices. Just one of the many reasons why we’ll stay in Latin America for a while. Good luck for your impending travels. Gary x


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