Time to Rome

Words by Ruby

Pizza, Pasta, Gelato. What are wrong with those words? Let me see. Um. Nothing. Those are the only words to describe Italy (to me.) I could eat them all day long.


Feasting on delicious gelato

My thoughts about Italy are so high. The Gelato for a start. SO MANY DECISIONS! Mango, Chocolate and Wild Berry are my absolute favourites. My record was three gelato’s in one day, two scoops I should add!


Close contest, but this was our favourite gelato place

Then there’s the pasta. Tomato Gnocchi. La migliore del lotto! Of course there are other types of pasta but I think tomato pasta is original and the best.


A typical Burchett family meal. Yum!

And last but not least, PIZZA! Margarita. The best in the whole entire world (to me.) In Italy you can get pizzas where the are three types on one base and the crusts are super thin and not doughy.


Square pizza. You don’t get that in Australia.

Besides eating delicious food all day long, we also went to a few sights including the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon and The Vatican City. We watched the movie Gladiator before we went to the Colosseum.


A tour of the Colosseum

It was quite different then what I imagined. I expected the main surface to be flat but actually you see the many underground tunnels where they kept the animals and gladiators.


Jumping for joy!

The Vatican City was also cool. It’s the smallest country in the world but has a museum with some of the world’s most famous artworks. Mum and Dad loved Michelangelo’s paintings in The Sistine Chapel but my favourite was the long hall with all the maps of the regions of Italy. So much gold to be seen.


Maps, maps and more maps


The Sistine Chapel

On our final night in Rome Mum and Dad had booked very good seats to La Traviata – an opera by Giuseppe Verdi – at the Teatro Della’Opera.


Mum looking glamorous before La Traviata

This was the second time I had seen it – the first was in Sydney with my Dad – and the soprano Violetta hit the high note in ‘Siempre Libre’ – one of my favourite arias. The costumes were amazing – designed by Valentino (apparently he’s really famous!!) – and in the opening scene Violetta walks down a staircase in a dress that looked like a peacock. So beautiful.


Ready for the performance


Mum and Dad happy to be watching La Traviata again

In Rome I had one of the best experiences of my life and I would love to return, which I will, because I threw a coin and made a wish in the Trevi fountain. Belissimo!!


Trevi Fountain. Make a wish!

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  1. Thanks Amalia and Ruby! What a wonderful presentation of Rome’s highlights. Love granny


  2. Fantastic Roma. Loving the descriptions – especially of the delicious food. Keep having a great time !!! Cheers from NZ


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