Discovering my Dutch heritage

Words by Amalia

During our detour from the Americas, we decided to pay a visit to Amsterdam. Holland isn’t just a random country that we wanted to visit, there is Dutch heritage in our blood. My Grandma, Miriam, is from Amsterdam so we went there. Mum and Dad had been previously and I had too, but I couldn’t remember any of it.


The Dutchies

When we arrived in Amsterdam everyone was on bikes. The coolest part was the bikes with the crates in front. They were normal bikes with a big wooden box sitting on top off the wheels that kids can sit in. I wish I had one.


Token tourist snap


Instead of a hotel we all stayed on a houseboat. The houseboat was quite small but really cool. Our friend, Bel, came and stayed with us. There were three beds, a bathroom and a kitchenette. When I say beds I mean beds not bedrooms.


The deck of our houseboat in Jordaan


Mum and the canal boat getting to know each other….again!

On our first full day there we went to the Van Gogh Museum. The lady at the front desk gave Ruby and I a quiz paper to do and if we did everything right we would get a prize. We went through the museum and saw many things including; letters from his brother and himself, Sunflowers, portraits and more. My personal favourite are the Irises because I have a painting of it. Ruby’s favourite, The Starry Night, wasn’t there. We got postcards at the end.


Van Gogh museum

Amsterdam was quite cold and thunder stormy so we actually liked to stay on our houseboat.


Spot of lunch on the deck of our houseboat

We had an amazing apple pie. The apple pie was like a crumble with stewed apple as well as chunks of apple. They served it with cream and it tasted so good. We also had great Italian. Pasta and Pizza. Funny because we were going to Rome in a few days.


Canal capers

Has anyone heard of Febo? Well Febo is a little walk-in restaurant with little vending machine type things. You put your money in the slot and press the button to what type of croquette you want. They all have names like rundvleeskroket and stuff like that. Ruby loved them but they were a bit mushy for me. The croquette flavours are beef and pork or any other meat in fact. There are also burgers.


Loading up in FEBO

The Anne Frank house was the highlight of Holland for me. I had read her Diary very recently so I felt more connected to the place. Every time I walked through a room and up a hall I could imagine her standing there, sitting on a chair, walking, cooking and just doing things.


A visit to Anne Frank’s house

Anne Frank didn’t not leave her secret annexe up the back of her father’s office for 2 years! She rarely saw the sunlight and she always had to be quiet.In one of the rooms there was her original diary. Her writing was very neat and there were actually a few pictures stuck in.


The infamous book shelf in the Frank family home

Throughout the whole house there were videos and pictures of concentration camps. My Great Opa was in a concentration camp. He survived, unlike Anne Frank.The house was tiny and Anne had to share a room with an old dentist. Eight people lived in the tiny annexe and it got quite messy so there was always housework to do.


A visit to Anne Frank’s house

At the end of the tour there was a little gift shop. I bought a journal quite similar to Anne Frank’s.


Parents hanging out with the ‘Prince of Jordaan’

Then we left Amsterdam and flew back to England!


Soaking up the rays in May. See you soon Amsterdam x

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  1. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts and holiday adventures, especially now on a gusty cold Melbourne day:)


  2. Hey guys, you are rocking around the world and you definitely rocked when you where in Amsterdam…really enjoyed your company, so when is our next meet up? 😉 I hope soon! Take care..



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