Whale Shark Encounter

We’ve just chalked up our most humbling underwater experience ever! Over the years we’ve had the privilege of diving some of the world’s most revered sites: the Red Sea in Egypt, the Surin and Similan Islands off Thailand, the Great Blue Hole in Belize and a shark feeding frenzy in Beqa, Fiji to name a few. Coming face to face with the largest fish on the planet at Gladden Spit in the Belize Barrier Reef tops the lot.


Whale Sharks are notoriously inconspicuous, and if you believe what you read, Jacques Cousteau only encountered two of these beauties in his life, so we’re downright chuffed to have been afforded this priceless moment.

Enjoy the vid I shot on my GoPro. The shrieks of delight you can hear in the background are courtesy of my darling wife.

Categories: Belize, Videos


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying following your travels.
    Keep well.
    Kind regards


  2. Awww that looks amazing guys 😀 Dad Tania Evie and me went on a whale shark adventure last year in WA!


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