Paris & Champagne

A trip to Europe wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the delights of Paris. Safe to say Amalia and Ruby were thrilled beyond belief. Better still, my newly married sister Chantal and husband Salvatore were in town, and in the company of our dear friend Claudine, we cruised into Reims for a Sunday afternoon of fondue, bubbles and untold laughs.

Categories: Europe, Paris & Champagne


  1. Hard to believe you accomplished all thatdeliciousness in just three days.Lovely to see so much joy and delight in this battered old world. Love and warm hugs…..Jude


  2. Hi,

    OK, it’s a while since you posted this but I kept it marked and have finally looked at it just now.

    In Oz, of course we’ve had all those tedious things like winter, an interminable general election campaign, the election itself and all the usual sniping and bickering. You’ve missed NOTHING!

    What an amazing trip you are having!

    I see people having lots of fun and fantastic experiences. Above all….clearly not regrets!

    I’ll now dig around and find more of your posts, catch up with what you’re up to now.

    Again I look forward to your inspiring pix and stories (not without a big dose of envy) and finding out where you are now.

    Continue the fun. Think not of Australia, it’s all the same and will be when you get back!

    Cheers from an envious follower!


    Prahran, Melbourne



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