We heart Mexico

Head over heels in fact. Here’s 15 reasons why we love this fabulous country:

Mezcal – it’s spiritual, medicinal, a stimulant, alleged aphrodisiac and tantalizingly delicious. No surprise the industry is going gangbusters and it’s devotees growing by the millions. Get some of the good stuff now before it runs out. Seriously.


Mesmeric mezcal

Tequila – technically a mezcal itself but a drop that binds the nation. With blanco, reposado, anejo and extra anejo to choose from everyone’s a winner. Is there anything more indulgent than sipping a cracking margarita at sunset and watching the surf roll in? That’d be no.


The magic of the Margarita – and great company of course!

Day of the Dead – no one celebrates death like Mexicans. On the 1st of November each year the nation commemorates and celebrates it’s dearly departed with shrines, skull-shaped treats and a vibrant fiesta of food and art. The rest of the year there’s always a skull t-shirt, key ring or knickknack to be found. Respect.


Dead set legend!


The Music – What’s not to love about the Mariachi band? How can you resist an ensemble of exquisitely dressed caballeros singing songs about unrequited love with beaming smiles etched on their faces? If you’re looking for something a little more intimate there’s a good chance you’ll be serenaded with a heartfelt rendition of ‘Cielito Lindo’ at your dinner table by the local cantantes.


Topes – Yes, those infuriatingly intrusive and suspension rattling speed bumps made the list. Reason? It reveals another amazing snapshot of the industriousness and resourceful ways Mexicans make a buck. On the surface topes are there to slow motorists but they also serve as another transaction point. Tope tiendas. Genius.


You want it? I got it. Tope tiendas abound

Tacos – I know, original huh? If you haven’t tasted deep-fried fish tacos with a fresh hand-made salsa picante then you’re missing out. Enough said.



Get your laughing gear around a fish taco

Beaches – Sleepy bays, world-class surf breaks and powder white hideaways. It’s always tough to impress an Aussie with a beach but Mexico holds its own and some. Better still, Mexican law states that beaches are federal property and as a result you can pretty much do as you please. Some have a carnival atmosphere and rival the energy and magic of Ipanema and Copacabana. Take note Australia!!



Craft beer – Don’t let those Corona ads fool you. Mexico has a craft beer underbelly that puts many beer drinking nations to shame. Surprise surprise it’s the university towns that lead the way. From chocolate stouts to coffee flavored porters to floral driven IPA’s this country is a beer drinker’s delight.


Cerveca Artesanal

Coffee – Addicts like us are always looking for their next hit and whilst a world class brew is not always consistent or abundant, Mexico enjoys ‘coffee-belt’ status and a mean espresso cortado is lurking nearby. San Cristobal de las Casas parades a coffee culture that would comfortably rank alongside anything you’d find in Italy or Melbourne for that matter * (*written by a proud Sydneysider)


Espresso cortado doble thanks

People – In many ways Mexicans remind us of the Thais. Supremely laid-back, wonderfully resourceful, ever-smiling, charitable and affable. Tell me again why Donald Drumpf wants to build that wall? For me it’s the people and food that define a travelling experience and the true worth of a country. It’s why Mexico and Thailand lead the pack. Oh, and the chicos are oh so cute!


Hello poppet!

Spice factor – Gloriously, Mexico understands the splendor of spice. From ring-stinging romper stompers to the mild green flavours to savour there’s a picante to suit every palate. If you’re not sweating during a meal you’re severely short-changed.


Variety is the spice of life


Aztecs and Mayans – Ok, so the Aztecs were bloodletting war mongerers and the Mayans may have miscalculated the end of the world as we know it, but they were one superior set of beings. Astronomy and mathematics aside they laboured long and hard to build some jaw-dropping structures.


Spellbinding….for some

Cathedrals – Our children will bristle at this but the cathedrals on offer hold Vatican like status and are real treasures. Sure, I should be thanking the Spanish for their ecclesiastical devotion and craftsmanship but the significance and importance Cathedrals hold in Mexico today is palpable. They’re pretty neat to look at as well.


Just wow!

Street Art – Mexico is alive and abundant with vibrant and expressive artworks that gives its pueblas a funky and colourful edge. It’s as though the walls have a voice and are dying to tell you a story.


A street scene in Oaxaca

Frida Kahlo – the doyen of the mono brow. We love her so much we named our car after her. Her quirky and self-absorbed artwork and dogged approach to life inspired a nation and the world. She was a revolutionary artist in an ultimately revolutionary country. A perfect marriage.


Mexico’s most revered artist – Frida Kahlo

Do yourself a favour and visit. Pronto.


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  1. Seriously? Exquisitely attired Mariachi caballeros. Must try some of that Mezcal. Hugs Jude

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