A night with the animals

Words by Ruby

In Palenque, which is in the jungle, our family booked a night tour to Aluxes Eco Park. We were quite excited and since I love animals, I was really looking forward to it. When we got to the zoo at 7:00pm we went out to the main area for ten minutes while we waited for our guide.


The entrance to Aluxes Eco Park (photo courtesy of Aluxes)

Our guide first took us to the jaguars. In the enclosure there were two types of jaguars. The regular jaguar and the black jaguar. We first went to the regular jaguar enclosure. The jaguar growled at us but she looked quite cute. Next we went to the black jaguar enclosure. He looked a little more fierce but he still looked cute. Both of the jaguars tried to eat the torch when we put it on our side of the glass. In general I loved both of the jaguars.

Aluxes jaguar

Don’t ask me to smile….(photo courtesy of Aluxes)

After the jaguars we saw some yellow headed amazons and blue headed amazons which are birds. One of the yellow headed amazons called Guapo, could say ‘hola’. All of the birds laughed at us as well. Finally we got away but they still wouldn’t shoosh for 3 minutes.

Next we saw four manatees. They were so cute. For those who don’t know what a manatee is they look rather like dugongs. We also got to feed them. Pascal who looked after the animals got us some native fruit that we fed to the manatees. Manatees have no teeth but they suck on your hand to get the fruit. When we patted the manatees we thought they were going to be soft or smooth but they were rough and bumpy. I still loved them all the same.


Feeding the manatees was a highlight

One of the things I didn’t really want to do was feed the CROCODILES but we did. We walked down a windy path and saw the first crocodile. He was HUGE! When we got down to the path where we could actually see him we realised that it was time for feeding. I was sort of angry with mum for volunteering. First you get a bamboo rod and tie a bit of meat to the end of some string attached to the bamboo rod. All of the crocodiles are extremely strong and massive. To make it worse dad then volunteered. Mum and Dad then bugged ME to do it! I was annoyed but I did it because I knew I would regret not doing it some day. I was scared that the croc would pull me into his swamp and gobble me up.


I’ve got my eye on you too Mr Crocodile!

When we were near the crocodiles but not at their enclosure, we saw some spider monkeys. These monkeys are some of the cutest things I’ve seen. They swing along the branches and they hang by their tails on the branches. The spider monkeys have their own little hut and they made me feel happy.

aluxes spider monkey

An adorable spider monkey (photo courtesy of Aluxes)

One other thing that I loved was the Flamingos. They are proud birds and their colours are quite vivid. Flamingos are pink, white and orange. They have a bendy neck and knees that face the opposite way to human knees.


Flamingoes are such graceful birds

We also went to a bird place and saw toucans and spoonbills. The toucans have a very colourful beak and a black and white body. The spoonbills have a bill like a spoon and they have a grey, white and a very pale blue on them. I loved seeing the toucans colours and the spoonbills spoon shaped bill.

Near the end we saw this otter like creature who crawled out of his lake and up on the bank. He was quite small but he was so cute. The otter was one of my favourite things in the whole park.

Last of all we went to a palapa and Pascal took out a baby crocodile. His mouth was taped shut so he couldn’t bite us. I thought his skin would be scaly but it was smooth and bumpy. We had a photo with the crocodile and I was super duper happy.


Meet my scaly friend. I promise he won’t bite!

Going to Aluxes Eco Park was one of those experiences we will never forget and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

Visit Aluxes Ecoparque

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  1. What a great story Ruby! You are so lucky to see all those amazing creatures in the dark. I was especially proud of your courage in feeding the crocs!love granny


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