Wally the dolphin

Words by Ruby

This story is about Wally the dolphin. Wally is a male bottlenose dolphin who lives in Cuba. My family and I went to the dolphin park where Wally lives. It is a place for dolphins who have either been born there or rescued from the wild.


One of our many friends at the Delfinario

When we got there I was so happy. Our instructor was kind and led us to Wally’s pond. There were three other people with my sister and I but I didn’t mind. When we got in we saw Wally. He squeaked at us.


Wally in full flight. If you look closely you can see his smile

Wally has a white belly and a grey back. We each had a turn of dancing with Wally. We had to hold his flippers and then he danced. We also got to ride with Wally. We got to choose fast or slow. I chose fast. I fell off Wally both times but it was still really fun.


Who’s a clever dolphin? You are Wally

Wally did a show for us with flips and jumps. He also did the Michael Jackson moonwalk. Last off all we had a hug and a kiss with Wally. l really loved hugging and kissing Wally.


Feeling the love. Best. Day. Ever.


Amalia plants a special kiss on Wally

Today was one of the best days of my life. WE LOVE U WALLY.


A treasured day we’ll never forget

Story by:  Ruby

Visit the delfinario: Delfinario Cayo Santa Maria

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  1. Beautiful story Ruby and, yes, I could see Wally’s smile. The upturned corners of his mouth, such a lovely smile!


  2. Thank you for this inspirational story Ruby. I love the way you made me understand just how much you enjoyed your day and how much you loved Wally. Keep the stories coming – Alice and Lydia are keen to hear about your adventures. Lots of love from us. Susan, Lydia and Alice.


  3. Ruby, I think that your story was really cool. Looking foward seeing your next story. Love Lily Colvin BFF


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