Surf’s Up

Words by Amalia

Earlier this year, for the first time ever, I had a surfing lesson, and might I just add how lucky I was to have it in Sayulita, Mexico. My whole family had the lesson with me. My dad already knew how to surf and my mum has had some surfing lessons before, but it was still fun.



Refining my moves offshore


Dad gets a final brief from Jorge

We got our boards from ‘WildMex Adventures’. Our teacher’s name was Jorge. It’s a Spanish name so you say it like HOR-GEY (which translates as George). My whole family stood up on their first try including me.


Our first ever wave


Getting the hang of this pretty quickly

It was a really good surf day and Jorge said that surfing must be in our blood because we’re Australian. Mine and Ruby’s board was a 7.4”( that means 7 feet and 4 inches), mum’s board was an 8.4” and dad’s was a 9.2’’.


Ruby perfects the face plant

The day was really fun and I would recommend surfing to anyone who hasn’t tried it.


Thankfully our parents didn’t embarrass us too much


On second thoughts…..

Visit for your surfing fix

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