Yelapa Dreaming

Words by Gary

Still firmly in the bosom of jet lag we scuttled out of Puerta Vallarta for the more the serene and pristine scene of Yelapa – a timeless beach hideaway for both the anonymous and well-heeled. Word has it that Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger used to convalesce here when hedonism and stardom got the better of them. Us Burchett’s don’t do resort towns that well preferring secluded with a touch of boho, so the chance to defrag from our Sydney spin in a divinely simple and laid-back environment was eagerly anticipated.


Life in the slow lane

A 45-minute boat ride south from PV and the change of pace and scenery was profound. With no road access, water taxi was the only means to sample her delights. Sparse but tastefully built restaurants dotted the shoreline offering the catch of the day – usually mahi mahi or red snapper – fresh guacamole and the obligatory Margarita. No sooner had we stepped on her sandy welcome mat, a 2-metre Iguana was calmly draped over the arms of our two awe-struck daughters by an enterprising local merchant. First impressions count for plenty, do they not?


Meet Pedro the iguana

Perched at the southern end of the beach was the village – or ‘downtown’ as the locals referred to it – a maze of small winding alleyways with the odd restaurant and hostel. The town was crying out for a tidy-town nomination and a lick of paint.


Ruby adopts a friendly Coatl

Our digs for the 4 days was Hotel Lagunita or ‘L’Hotel’ as it was fondly known. We got the impression it was the ‘Club Med’ of Yelapa sans the service, exclusiveness and decadence. Having said that we had a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean that left us sun-drenched in the late afternoon and on our doorstep a fresh water pool that offered the best baby-sitting service bar none.


Lazy days by Lagunita’s fresh water pool

First and foremost it was the lackadaisical pace and tranquility of this place that won us over allowing us to forget about the frenetic lives we recently said goodbye to.


A typical afternoon soaking up the stillness

It was here that Rachel and I fell deeper in love with the Margarita appraising each offering with the keenest of eyes and palates. Special mention to Chicos Beach Bar for concocting the most magnificent tasting and visually spectacular drink. A vibrantly served passionfruit Margarita complete with the zip, tang and punch an aficionado craves.

yelapa margaritas chicos

Best margaritas in Mexico, Chicas Beach Club

Most of our afternoon’s were spent sipping, gazing and giggling with delight reflecting on the tremendous and inspiring decision we had made to remove ourselves from the routine in favour of the improvised.


Perfect way to start the adventure

Yelapa was out first real footprint to mark the start of our epic journey. Bring it on.


So much love for this place



We stayed:  Hotel Lagunita

We ate and drank:  Chicos Beach Club – best margaritas ever!!!


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